Central Minnesota Small Business Academy

~ Effective direct mail – How to get results ~

Presented By:  Bob Byers from Sunray Printing

Class description:

At Sunray we invest our print technologies and products to benefit our clients in many ways. One of the products, Direct Mail, has proven and continues to be a great investment for our clients. We are interested in the Product of our Products. Successful Direct Mail campaigns build our clients sales funnel and increase closing opportunities for them. From Food retail to fitness club membership to automotive sales it is the products of our products (Our clients sales) that drive our direct mail business.

Take Away Points:

  • Market definition
  • Traffic Building
  • Loyalty Building

Space is limited.  You can bring your own lunch or pick up a lunch at the 360 Café.

Tuesday, April 4th 2017
 11:30am to 1:00pm


Capital One 360 Cafe Meeting Room
 30 7th Ave S, St Cloud, MN

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